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Megan has just celebrated one year of providing Eastgate Shopping Centre with exceptional talent for Live on the Piazza. Megan started this process with Waiting in the Wings SA through Eastgate’s Marketing team and Tash Thompson and now runs Live on the Piazza through Megan Carelse Productions. Throughout the entire process over one hundred artists have performed on the Eastgate stage during this pandemic. Megan calls it “coming home” since most stages and live music venues have shut down during this time. 

Together with Eastgate’s passion for the arts and Megan’s intentions for her industry this partnership will continue to defy the challenges that this pandemic is so famous for. 


Catch us every Saturday and Sunday from 2pm – 4pm on the Piazza.

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LIVE JUKEBOX is collaboration between Gingercube Productions and Megan Carelse Productions. 

It is a live karaoke game show where the audience calls the shots; the show is unpredictable and ever changing because of it’s unique format and energized hosts. 

Kristy Suttner and Mortimer Williams take audience participation to another level. 

Previously this show was only performed in theatres and enclosed spaces since it’s inception in 2016, however with the onset of Covid-19 Megan Carelse Productions has proven that “all the world is a stage” by finding spaces where this type of entertainment can exist outside. 

This gameshow is perfect for team building, end year functions or just a fun night out.

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POP OF THEATRE is a unique collaboration for a unique time. Megan Carelse Productions teamed up with Alyssa Harrison and Megan Rigby from Plug In Theatre to provide a paid opportunity for theatre practitioners to perform during the global pandemic, which devastated their industry. 


Whilst theatres have shut down all over the country these three powerhouses have created a platform for skilled musical theatre performers to adapt to Pop music and corporate entertainment. 


This project allows us to mix training and technique with fun and relaxation. 

You can catch Pop of Theatre once a month at Eastgate Shopping Centre for Eastgate Live.

Follow Plug In Theatre to find out when our next event is!

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