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Excellence in Entertainment!

Welcome to Megan Carelse Productions

Megan aims to provide excellence through performances by top-class acts for your entertainment needs.



Megan Carelse Productions was born out of urgency and intention. During Covid -19 our founder Megan Carelse was the Co-Chairperson of Waiting In The Wings SA, a charity organization that employed and fed over 600 artists during this devastating virus’s reign of terror. 

Artists found themselves unemployed, non-essential and starving, Megan found purpose. 

It’s this purpose that drove Megan to establishing her company, an urgency to procure work for artists with the intention of contributing in some way to the rebuilding of her beloved industry. 


Megan has worked with the best in corporate and theatre entertainment. She has formed good relationships and an extensive network in the last 14 years of her professional career as a performer. This is why Megan Carelse Productions was an organic transition and natural fit for our founder.


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